A lifetime of Happiness

Collectively MCGE  has over 10 years experience. Our multi-faceted team of professionals utilizes our unique strength as an event production company by designing concepts which transform your vision into astonishing reality. We are experts in perfecting the details and creating the extraordinary. We exist so that you can enjoy the fun part of planning and leaving the hard stuff to the experts. Our clients are intensely busy professionals who depend on us to make their planning process stress-free and to discover what will make their day uniquely special. We make the design and planning simple for our clients.

Whether a city-wide experience, a conference center, the perfect hotel, the right restaurant, or a raw space with an unconventional feel, we don’t just present options.

Our negotiation skills and deep relationships with various DMC’s worldwide, combined with our market insight and trend analysis, enable us to find the best solution and maximize your savings.

The proper planning of an event requires attention to detail that borders on obsessive. And, we admit it. We’re obsessed. We leave nothing to chance.

Our planners walk in the audience’s footsteps, and plan every inch of the experience with intention, all to ensure we deliver seamlessly executed experiences that offer the highest level of service for your guests.

From art and fashion to pop culture and technology, we draw on an endless source of visual inspiration.

Our squad of designers couples these influences with their boundless creativity and curiosity to realize your brand story. The sights, the sounds, the environment, the interaction; all are carefully crafted to create a multi-sensory experience that starts from the first impression and lives with your attendees long after the event is over.

At MCGE we understand that creating the “wow factor” at an event often times is through cutting edge technology. This is why we constantly strive for technical innovation to give our clients the tools to have their event stand out from the rest.

Our approach is collaborative and flexible. Our creative technical team listens to your ideas, taking into consideration your restrictions in budget or infrastructure, and then we present options within your price range.

We are well-known for our creative approach to themes and locations creating amazing transformations especially in unconventional spaces. Not only do we handle all the event sound, light, video and atmospherics. We can take care of the technical aspects of the entire event, leaving the client to worry about networking

Event execution is flawless and seamless when all technical elements are cohesive and fully coordinated. This is in direct contrast to the majority of events where lighting, sound, video and staging are farmed out to several different companies. We handle every technical aspect of the corporate event production.